Landscapes for my friends from California

Landscapes for my friends from California | London, 2015 | Two-channel | Video installation


Landscapes For My Friends From California is a two-channel video projection that explores some aspects of the city of Los Angeles, especially how life is influenced by films. In Los Angeles everything happens in between films or in between the idea of films. And not only Hollywood films, but films of any kind.

It consists of two videos on a continuous loop on two monitors placed next to each other. In the first one, there is Perla, a young woman from El Paso (Texas), who tells us the story of how she arrived to Los Angeles to make movies. She says about L.A.: “This city is so big! There are so many possibilities! How will I know when something good happens?”. These thoughts are, somehow, related to Mike Davis' ideas about the city. He presents it as “a city without boundaries, which ate the desert, cut down the Joshua and the May Pole, and dreamt of becoming infinite”. In the other monitor, there are images from deserts of California.